the muse ariadne

every week, the home page of museariadne will display a new simple prompt to which members of muse ariadne can create something in response and post to their own /muse pages on their websites. here's mine!

05.09.24 | consider ‘trace elements’-- barely noticeable things and what they change. think butterfly effect! are their effects expected & small or disproportionate? is a ‘trace element’ an extra bit of DNA? is it some milk in a loaf of bread?

05.05.24 | write about or use asymmetry in your writing. what is the intrigue in imbalance? maybe work with different-sized stanzas or long, long sentences followed by short ones, or think about how no two bodies are the same, nor two halves of the same body, or how the feeling of a painting shifts with where the objects sit.

04.25.24 | explore on the softness & blurring of edges—dawn/dusk, the place between sleep and wakefulness, transitions from youthfulness to adulthood and adulthood to old age. what do those borders & changes feel like, look like, smell like?

04.14.24 | write a piece that uses all or most of this pool of words– glisten, slow, starlight, fruit, molten, calm.

04.07.24 | try to make your writing as silent as possible.